7 Ways to Style a Maxi Skirt in any Season!

It’s the season and maxi skirts are everywhere and with good reason too! This style heralds in the sunny skies, warm weather, fall or even winter! The skirts are so versatile; you can dress them up or make them more casual. We particularly love the trending bold prints for maxi skirts, especially those made from African Prints. Whatever your flavor of fabrics, you can certainly use some tips below!

Below are some ways to style your skirt for the occasion that best suits you.


1. A Tank Top or Basic Tee

Depending on your skirt, you can wear a tank top for a sporty look. Even a basic tee can that is tied to the side can take this to a more casual style.


2. Get Sexy with a Crop Top

Take your favorite crop top and wear it with your maxi skirt. This gives you a sexy, yet playful look. You can even put a cardigan with this ensemble if you want to keep it a bit tame.

African Print Maxi Skirt Crop Top 

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3. Dress it Up with a Belt and Chunky Jewelry

For a dressy and accessorized look, how about a fabulous belt? Pair it with chunky jewelry to accent it even further.  Think of a neutral colored it to keep from overwhelming the style.


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4. Leather Jacket and Camisole with Maxi Skirt

Consider wearing a camisole or crop top with a bold jacket jacket. You could also do this a spring ¾ sleeve linen jacket.

maxi skirts with jacketsSource

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5. Maxi Skirts Go Great with Vests

If you want your style to be more edgy, pair your maxi with a skirt. Get as funky with the vest as you like.


6. Wear a Cardigan

Fall or winter still works with maxi skirts! Need a business casual look? Work in a cool office? Throwing on a cardigan with your skirt is a perfect option. 

maxi skirt african print

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7. Jean Jackets Work Great

A maxi skirt gives you the perfect excuse to wear your jean jacket.  You can even combine this style with a pair of beaded sandals.

These are some great ways to take your maxi skirt and create your own unique style!


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