Go Bold - Combine Prints!

Here to tell you that combining prints and patterns are in! These bold designs can be matched with a plain color but even more striking, is to combine patterns. African Ankara prints are especially trending right now! 

Of course, there are some things you want to keep in mind when it comes to mixing prints.

Ways to Mix and Match Prints

When it comes to mixing and matching your prints, you don’t want to look gaudy. Rather, you want to put a cohesiveness into your colors and patterns that aren’t too hard on the eyes.

Here are some pattern matching guidelines you can follow: 

  • Choose a dominant print with a second or their print as accents- the simpler the graphic prints, the easier it is to mix.
  • Select prints that have different scales - this could mean a large stripe mixed with a small floral design.
  • Fabrics should typically be in the same color family- mixing pastels with neons likely won’t turn out well!
  • Prints work well if they share a dominant color- pick a dominant color that is shared by both prints.
  • Stripes can be considered a neutral - basically, stripes can be mixed with anything.
  • Use a belt to break up the patterns- a solid colored belt can break up the patterns between a shirt and pants or skirt.
  • Mix the same prints in different colors- select the same exact pattern, but in different colors.
  • Do stripes and polka dots in the same color family.

Still not sure how to put together a bold outfit? Consider purchasing a pre-mixed outfit like this look African fashion inspired look found here at Ashanis Collection.

Mix Prints with Neutrals

Not sure you are bold enough to rock two different prints?  Simply combine a really bold top or bottom with something neutral. If you are going with a dress, then you can put a coat over to tone it down a bit. Here is a look with an ankara african print skirt paired with denim. Maxi print Skirt by Ashanis.


Whatever style combinations you choose, always remember to let your personality shine through!

Check out www.ashanis.com for more print looks.

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